William Mckinley High School isn't known to have the most friendly of inhabitants; specifically the younger crowd. Cliques and rumors are the base of teenage social life in the small town of Lima, Ohio and few come out on the bright side. The Plastics, jokingly known as the Unholy Trinity, are the supreme rule of the school. No one crosses them without consequence, which basically leaves the school walking on eggshells around the three girls. Now, with a new anonymous blog called the Burn Book that somehow knows everyone's dirty secrets, everyone is on their feet, trying to figure out who this anonymous source is. ()
The Burn Book

Activity- It is imperative to everyone involved that everyone stay active. Two days of inactivity with no warning is grounds for having your character reopened. We will be understanding if you come to us before you have to be gone for a few days.

Age Limit- Because the members of this group are 18+, we want anyone auditioning to be of legal age as well. It makes things better for the entire roleplay as far as writing mature content goes. So please do not audition unless you are 17 or older. If you are almost 17, you are still good, so please do not ask.

Drama- Simple. No OOC drama or things that could cause OOC drama such as God modding or being harsh OOC. If you are having an OOC issue, please come to the mods (Fuinn) and we will help you. Keep in mind that things said in character, should be taken as such and not personally.

Paras- We do not expect every para to be underneath a read more, even if there is mature content. Everyone in this roleplay should be mature enough to handle every thing that could happen. If you wish, you can use Chatzy and in that case, it should be placed under a read more! To show that you have read the rules, please put your favorite Mean Girls quote in your application.

Character Portrayal- This is an AU roleplay, based off the personalities in Mean Girls so it’s encouraged that your character be a little more spunky and schemy than in the show. Take caution that with the storylines we normally do, having your character come out as the hero or victim is probably not going to happen so no victimizing your character to the point of taking fun away from everyone else.